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Recycle Center
When containers run out of Life, they can no longer be used to nurture Seed Balls.
In Recycle Center our Mechanics will allow you to blend your containers with " 🔴Halted" status for new containers.
In the Recycle Center you will find all the available current 'Deals' and the requirements to obtain each 'Deal'.
At all times there will be multiple ‘Deals’ to select from. Each ‘Deal’ has a fixed validity period OR a maximum claimable number. New deals will be created based on game growth requirements.
Example Deals
Deal ID
Blend Result
🔴 3 Creator Container (Halted) 💰 55.0000 ICONI
1 NEW Container (Random Container Type)
🔴 1 Creator Container (Halted) 🔴 1 Producer Container (Halted) 💰 45.0000 ICONI
1 NEW Container (Random Container Type)
🔴 1 Creator Container (Halted) 🔴 1 Master Container (Halted) 💰 25.0000 ICONI
1 NEW Container (Random Container Type)
We have used the same (RNG) for all ‘Deals’ results for now: Chance for Creator – 70%, Producer – 20% and Master – 10% In the future, Blend Result (RNG) will be based on the requirement of the ‘Deal’.