Project Seed Ball

When the lifetime of the container has come to its end, it becomes "Halted" and can no longer be used to nurture Seedballs. It is up to users can sell them on the secondary market or bring them to the Recycle Center where our mechanics can bring new life to them.
When the harvest cycles of the fruits have come to their end, you can blend your fully harvested fruits with blending options to get exclusive Rewards.

Example blends ingredient

3🍊Orange + 2🍎Apple + 1🍌Bannana = *Reward
3🥦Broccoli + 2🍍Apricot + 1🍅Tomato = *Reward
3🥑Avocado + 2🍎Apple + 1🍍Pineapple= *Reward
5 common + 3 uncommon + 1 Rare + 1 Super Rare = *Reward
(*Rewards = Exclusive NFTs, Containers, Tickets, Game Pack, Partner Project Rewards)