Please Note: This document is updated regularly. The info you'll find here can be updated at any time to ensure the success of the project itself. Every Importnat update will be properly announced in the project social channels and communities to give a clear and fair experience to anyone
The information contained herein is only conceptual and outlines the future development goals for the Project Seedball platform and the ICONI token. This document is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute any binding commitment. Please do not rely on this information in making purchasing decisions. Ultimately, the development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the company's sole discretion and is subject to change. The Iconical reserves its right to change any content as the team deems necessary to balance and develop the game. All the documents provided are for informational and illustrative purposes and may be subject to change. This Whitepaper may be amended from time to time. There are no obligations to update the Whitepaper or to provide recipients with access to any information beyond what is provided herein
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