Project Seed Ball
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Project Seed Ball

The Project Seed Ball is a Play to Earn blockchain game on WAX developed by The Iconical. Project Seed ball is a virtual world of Seed ball harvesting where users will earn rewards tokens.

Project Seed Ball by The Iconical

Project Seed Ball Play to earn game has multiple levels to complete and rewards tokens to collect. We have designed the gamification aspect to educate and give a basic understanding of creating seed balls. Each Level and step are carefully designed and structured to bring familiarity with Seedball. The NFT gaming aspect assists users in giving their input and thoughts about the gaming experience, which they can then share on social media platforms to spread further awareness. All of this teaches us how to germinate plants and trees, which is our ultimate goal.
Please Note: This document is updated regularly. The info you'll find here can be updated at any time to ensure the success of the project itself. Every update will be properly announced in the project social channels and communities to give a clear and fair experience to anyone
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